Volvo Steering & Suspension System Repair in Tacoma

VOLVO Suspension System Repair

Your suspension components affect ride stability and control on your Volvo. We inspect, repair, and replace control arms, ball joints, shocks, struts, sway bar links and bars, sprint seat bushings, and wheel hubs.

Volvo S60 Suspension

Common Volvo Suspension Issues

Issue Explanation
Steering wanders at slow speeds, jiggles over bumps, clunking sound, excessive vibration from front of the vehicle Inspect Control Arms / Ball Joints for wear and replacement
Bouncy, unstable ride – excessive body roll Shocks and Struts need inspection and/or replacement
Car leans excessively in turns, knocking sound when going over bumps Sway Bar Links and Sway Bars need inspection for possible replacement
Creaking, groaning, clunking noises on rough roads or going over bumps Inspect Spring Seat Bushing for replacement
Rumbling noise that increases or decreases with speed, clicking, snapping noises Wheel Hubs may need replacement if worn


Another top safety feature on your Volvo. We repair and replace power steering pumps, power steering racks, tie rods, and check fluid levels.  

 Common Volvo Steering Issues

Issue Explanation
Steering wheel creates noise, gets louder when turning left or right Check power steering fluid level and power steering pump check for leaks
Steering wheel has play (delayed turning response) Inspect power steering rack and tie rods for possible replacement
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