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From a young age, Jim Gamble was passionate about cars. He began to cultivate his interest in all things related to cars when, growing up in Tacoma in the late 70s, he could often be found cruising 6th Avenue with his high school buddies, having fun and sharing their interest in muscle cars.

After high school Jim served in the United States Air Force for nearly fourteen years; following that, he worked for various commercial airlines, but during all of that time he enthusiastically continued to grow his knowledge and gain skill with vehicles.

Jim’s connection with Volvos began in 1999, when he purchased a 1990 740 wagon–owning this car increased his interest in them, and eventually led to his managing a small Volvo repair shop, where he gained five years of hands-on experience working on Volvos.

Jim truly loves all things cars; he is always up for a chat with clients about their own car stories, vehicles and mechanical adventures. When he’s not working on cars, Jim enjoys taking walks and bike rides with his wife, and planning their next home improvement project.

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